Facial toning can be performed with one's own fingertips to produce a DIY natural facelift in a very
short period
of time, without the risks and monetary outlay of cosmetic surgery.

How to
look younger permanently is a difficult challenge in our modern society, and face aerobics
exercises can produce the non-surgical facelift that you always wanted,
within days from now.
Face Aerobics Workouts - Your Solution For Purging Symptoms Of Aging!
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Transform your life with yoga facelift exercises...
Facelift Without Surgery is an instantly downloadable ebook which offers the following features:

  • Learn how to diminish, fade, or completely erase all sorts of wrinkles and deep creases on the face and neck.

  • Find out how to reduce, lift, tighten, and tone up regions where baggy skin occurs such as saggy tissue under the eyes,
    chubby cheeks, sagging hog jowls, double and triple chin, and loose turkey neck skin.

  • Learn how to curb or smooth away brow lines, crow's feet, wrinkles around and under the eyes, laughter and smile
    creases, and turkey neck lines and folds.

  • Discover how to shrink and banish ugly eye bags and dark "racoon" circles from the eye area.

  • Wendy Wilken reveals how to sharpen and reshape the jawline, cheek bones, and face structure for better looks.

  • Learn how to plump up gaunt and hollow areas such as cheeks, chin, jawline, and the base of the neck.

  • This world famous face yoga exercise program discloses where to locate the acupressure points on the face and neck,
    and how to massage these points for boosted benefits and faster results towards a non-surgical facelift.

  • It shows you how to complete your own natural DIY facelift, reverse the aging process, and restore your looks to their
    former youthful appearance, or as near as possible!

  • Her face yoga program shows you how to use relaxation techniques to reduce stress while you simultaneously apply the
    simple face workout regimens to the face and neck - to fast forward that elusive younger looking skin and glowing

  • Facelift Without Surgery teaches all sorts of anti-aging skin care tips so that you will be able to amaze and astonish
    friends and family within days.

  • After you download Wendy Wilken's DIY facial toning system, you will have the capability to look younger in days, not
    years! You will be able to channel the body’s natural energy to certain areas of the head, face, and neck so as to halt, and
    reverse aging symptoms and cell degeneration.

  • You will learn how and why yoga facial exercises will tone and re-energize the deep tissue in the face and neck, so that
    you can achieve and observe fast results. Sagging skin will become firm and tight again!

  • It teaches you how to maximize the benefits of your non-invasive Chinese facelift so that you will restore color, skin
    elasticity, and nourish the underlying neck and facial tissue. This combination will shed years off your face in no time flat!

  • The ebook also covers which vitamins and mineral supplements, as well as other skin care products, are the best
    supplementary anti-aging techniques to super-charge the facial aerobics exercises. It also discusses the do's and don'ts
    for the skin!

  • The downloadable ebook explains the other benefits you will enjoy as you perform the facial toning exercises, such as
    enhanced circulation in the body, improved major organ and intestinal function etc.

  • And, much, much more…

All this information is packed into a 60 page, instantly downloadable, pdf ebook called Facelift Without Surgery. You are
minutes away from starting the best facial workout program towards a self-accomplished non-surgical acupressure facelift!
Fascinating stuff, this!

Face exercises using massage and acupressure open the energy lines in the body which become
blocked and cluttered as we age. These are called meridians, which channel energy throughout
the body. This process is called “Chi” in Chinese, and “Ki” in Japanese.

By stimulating certain points on the face and neck, the energy points are opened thereby
widening the channels through which the “Chi” can flow, as well as increase the blood flow.

Not only does this boost the skin’s elastin levels, but it also improves the complexion as the skin
cells become nourished. As the face aerobics workouts are continued, the skin starts to glow,
and becomes firm and supple again as the blood flow increases.

The augmented circulation will improve your complexion and restore color to the face similar or
equal to what you had in your youth.

Facelift Without Surgery unclutters the energy points - so that you look young once again!
"…Facelift Without Surgery produces fast results, with little time and effort. I'm
a businessman who's always travelling between countries. I apply the facelift  
exercises to various problem areas on my face which keeps me looking years
younger than I should. They are also great for reducing my stress levels and
have pretty much eradicated my insomnia!"…
Brian Foreman(Singapore)
Dynamic facial workouts using yoga face exercises...
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Facelift exercises produce fast results and are permanent if done reasonably often...
Wendy Wilken, author of
Facelift Without Surgery, is
one of the foremost experts in
face yoga age regression
methodology and
demonstrates how to use facial
workouts to achieve
non-surgical facelifts to
audiences worldwide...
Chinese Facelift Methodology: Removing Lines, Diminishing Creases And Raising Flaccid Tissue With Facial Yoga
Cool Face Exercises For All Ages: Obtain Relief From Slack Facial Tissue And Cavernous Wrinkles And Lines

  •     Learn 3 face exercises to fade deep forehead and glabellar furrows.

  •     Smooth out crow's feet with these 4 yoga facial exercises.

  •     Dark eye rings around the eyes can be cured with 4 face exercises.

  •     Significantly diminish ugly eye bags with 4 facial gymnastics workout regimens.

  •     These 3 facial aerobics workouts will help fill out skeletal, hollow eye sockets.

  •     Find out 4 facial rubbing and massage exercise routines to wipe out under eye wrinkles.

  •     Got chubby or saggy cheeks? Apply 3 face toning exercises to firm and lift them.

  •     Perform 3 face rebuilding exercise treatments to develop sunken, hollow cheeks.

  •     These 3 face rejuvenation exercises reduce face fat and plumpness.

  •     Use 5 face regeneration workouts to minimize deep nasal and laugh folds.

  •     Discover 3 facial massaging regimens to erase fine mouth and lip lines.

  •     4 natural face workouts to tighten and elevate jowls and sagging face skin.

  •     Employ 5 facial firming workouts to drastically reduce a double chin.

  •     Purge wrinkly turkey neck and throat wattle with 3 face toning routines.

  •     Use 2 neck reshaping workout remedies to develop and fill out hollow neck areas.

  •     Get a new face glow and healthy face and neck skin with 7 facial rubbing regimens.

  •     Learn to combine face yoga and acupressure for permanent age-regression.