Cosmetic Surgery Doesn't Even Stand Up To Yoga Facial Exercises As A Facelift Method
Cosmetic surgery is not permanent, is painful, leaves scars, is not under one's control, is
expensive, can have serious side effects. This can leave the patient bearing the consequences.
We've all seen and heard horror stories of cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong for celebrities and
regular folk.

The tale of facelift exercises has a far happier ending because face yoga toning is risk and cost-free.
Facial exercises present wonderful, fresh natural facelifts for women and men of all ages.

  • Facelift surgery is expensive e.g. It might cost a minimum of $10 000 to $25 000 to look younger, which is not covered by
    medical insurance.
  • Wendy's facial gymnastics program, which takes just a few minutes to master, costs you nothing, and is under your

  • Plastic surgery does not give you a younger looking skin. It also doesn't restore color and skin tone.
  • Facelift Without Surgery teaches ancient oriental facial toning treatments that restores your skin to its former glory such
    as color, tone, youth, and elasticity to the face and neck.

  • Cosmetic Surgery doesn't treat the CAUSES of sagging skin and wrinkles, which is due to poor blood circulation and
    weak underlying tissue.
  • The non-surgical facelift gymnastics regimens demonstrated in Wendy's book plump the underlying tissue, increases the
    blood circulation in the face and neck, opens the energy points between the head, face, neck, and body and tightens the

  • Facelift surgery can change the character, and even the shape of your face. Have you seen those people that have that
    surprised look when the forehead skin or skin around the eyes has been surgically pulled too tight? It’s ugly and looks
  • Wendy Wilken's DIY facelift techniques performed with yoga facial exercises are not a shock to the body’s energy
    system. Instead, the techniques bring out the natural, original youthful glow to your face. The skin on your face and neck
    looks perfectly natural, and does not have that "pulled" look in places.

  • Plastic surgery will not make a person look chronologically younger i.e. Facelift surgery does not allow you to look
    younger gradually unless the surgery is conducted in stages.
  • A DIY non-surgical facelift will make you look younger, naturally over a period of time, as you continue the facial exercise
    routines disclosed in Facelift Without Surgery. Proper non-invasive anti-aging is a process that takes at least 30 days to
    perform, and beyond.  Friends and family that haven’t seen you for a period will notice a considerable improvement in
    your looks, and will be begging to learn the secret.

  • Cosmetic Surgery does not eliminate stress and poor circulation. The body’s energy points and channels will remain
    neglected and not functioning at their optimum, which is essential in the quest to look younger.
  • Wendy Wilken's face exercise program treats stress, poor circulation, restores and channels energy and blood flow to
    the face and neck, and regenerates cell growth in the places where it matters. By treating the causes of aging, facial
    workouts lead to the firming of the skin, and eradication of wrinkles and eye bags.
  • A surgical route to look younger does not necessarily restore beauty and youth to the face. Ignoring the causes of aging,
    which is due to ever-weakening cell regeneration, and poor blood circulation will make the surgical facelift temporary and
    only SKIN DEEP!
  • Because the facial regimens regenerate cell growth, the skin on your face and neck will look invigorated and will
    have a new glow. Lost youth can be restored to a considerable extent to your complexion.

  • Cosmetic surgery exposes the patient to risk, like any other surgery. Some people have been the victims of botched
    facelifts, even horribly disfigured.
  • There is no risk with Wendy's facial toning system; you will definitely enjoy a fresher, firmer, younger appearance
    without a surgeon or sharp scalpel!

  • There is a risk of infection with facelift surgery.
  • There is no risk of infection whatsoever from Wendy's face yoga treatments. Her facial exercise routines add a new
    glow to your countenance that hasn’t been there for years.

  • There’s always pain, or at least some discomfort from plastic surgery. Also, there's the bandages and skin discoloration
    following the surgery, which are always unpleasant and unsightly.
  • This is a natural, gentle, non-invasive facelift yoga program that leaves no cuts, bandages, swelling, or skin
    discoloration. And definitely no pain!

  • Facelift surgery is only temporary and repeat surgeries will be required from as little as 18 months after the first because
    the skin will begin to sag and wrinkle over the underlying tissue.
  • Your younger looking skin gained from the methods taught in Facelift Without Surgery is permanent as long as the
    regimens are performed routinely. Your face should be maintained 2 to 3 times a week for optimal toning results.

  • Facelift surgery is not DIY (Do-It-Yourself) as with Wendy's acupressure facelift program.
  • How to look younger with face workouts is fully controllable by you and easily maintained with your own fingertips.

  • Plastic surgery can interfere with the energy channels of the head, face, neck and other parts of the body, therefore
    hindering much needed blood flow to the face and neck skin – the very areas where you wish to look younger.
  • Wendy's non-invasive facelift program actually enhances and channels the energy and blood flow to your face, head and
    neck. It stimulates cell growth and cell regeneration for accelerated results.
Wendy's natural Chinese facelift program using acupressure and yoga facial exercises
So, don't undergo expensive facelift surgery. Download this life-changing facial workout program, and start to
look younger now!
Some interesting facts on face exercises and acupressure toning…

When applying facial yoga regimens a slight tingling, even burning sensation, can sometimes be

So what is this? This is a good sign. It’s not because of lactic acid being expelled like some so-
called face aerobics experts claim, but fluid and blood flow being pumped back into the muscle
and the skin. This expands them.

The more moist the skin and muscles becomes, the more supple they develop which is highly
beneficial for the entire area being worked. This averts and reduces wrinkles, increases the
blood flow, and grips the baggy skin towards the muscle, leaving a firmer, younger face.

Facelift Without Surgery will get the muscles in your face and neck tight and toned once again!
"This is the only non-surgical facelift program that seems to work with such ease.
It will definitely make you look younger, and you’ll continue to overcome the signs of
aging simply by maintaining the results with your fingertips. I know, because I’m living
proof that Wendy's face routines work.
Fantastique!"…Anthony Sartre(France)
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