Q: Do facelift exercises, applied to specific points on the face and neck, really make one look years younger?
Yes. Face toning workouts are performed mostly with the fingertips which stimulate blood flow to the underlying tissue and
the skin. The energy and blood circulation channels in the face, head, and neck are opened thereby benefiting these areas, as
well as the whole body.

Q: How fast will I see results from Wendy's face yoga exercises?
Immediately. In fact, even later the same day you start the program. After a week of daily massaging, with approximately one
minute on each point (there are just a few facial exercise points to learn), you will notice a softening of wrinkles and facial lines.
You will also see new color returning to your face. You will now be well on your way to a younger looking skin

Q: How often must I perform the natural face exercise program?
Conduct facial exercises every day for the first 30 days, 2-3 times a week thereafter for maintenance.

Q: I see the term “yoga facial exercises” used throughout your web pages. What does this mean?
It’s a term used for the stimulating of the underlying muscles, tissue, and the skin on the face and neck, as you perform the
face workouts.

Q: Are the effects of a non-surgical facelift obtained in this manner permanent?
Yes. Much like any other physical exercise, you need to perform the facial yoga exercises regularly to maintain the benefits.  
Anti-aging skin care is an ongoing process. Wendy's face exercise program requires a small amount of time every day for the
first month, 2-3 times a week thereafter.

Q: Will I get the best results after the first 30 days?
Generally, yes. It depends on the individual. Once you see that you have obtained the desired effect, start decreasing the
face yoga schedule to 2-3 times a week if you're short on time. You may still perform the face exercises daily if you wish.

Q: Does the non-surgical facelift program eliminate sun damage and liver spots?
No, but it can fade them to some degree. If you start the facial exercises earlier in life, it is likely that they will minimize the
chances of them growing on your face and neck in the first place.

Q: Does this facelift exercise system help people in their more mature years - 40's, 50's, 60's and even 70's?
Definitely. The facial aerobics workouts should preferably be started as soon as possible. Rather late than never! You might
have to practice the facial yoga exercises more often, but the
end result will be well worth it.

Q: Is this facial exercise program suitable for men?
Of course. Men, women, and teens – all will benefit, young and old. The exercise points on the face are always in the same
location for all folks.

Q: Will the natural facelift workouts lessen acne scars?
To some extent face yoga will work, but remember scars are scars. The underlying tissue will fill out, thereby reducing the
depth of the acne scars,
making them less prominent.

Q: How easy is it to locate the acupressure points for best facial toning results?
Each of the pressure points are clearly demonstrated in the black and white photos in Facelift Without Surgery. Each face
yoga point has a narration which describes its location, motion required, benefits, oriental name, etc.  You may see a sample
under the section "EXAMPLE FROM BOOK" page on this website to understand how the points are presented. After a day or
two, you will be able to find them with your eyes closed! It will become second nature to you. You can easily do the facial
aerobics workouts in front of the television.

Q: How early in life may I start Wendy Wilken's facial exercise program?
The earlier, the better. The proverb "prevention is better than cure" sums it up perfectly!

Q: If I've had cosmetic surgery, fillers, or Botox in the past, will your facelift without surgery program benefit me?
You could have avoided facelift surgery altogether if you had obtained Wendy's face aerobics program earlier. Yes, it will
benefit you, but it may take a bit longer to see an improvement because the scarring and surgical incisions could hamper the
energy flow to the face, neck, and head.

Q: Does Wendy's face workout system entail the stretching of skin, or making weird expressions?
No. Most of the other facial yoga programs on the market today use isometrics, which can involve the pulling of strange
expressions and extreme skin stretching. Facelift Without Surgery employs tissue face toning and acupressure principles using
the fingertips. No skin stretching, just firm massaging on very specific energy nodal points to fast-track results towards a
natural facelift.
DIY Acupressure Facial Exercise System

The war against wrinkles, lines, and sagging face and neck skin can be won within 30 days from now
with the Wendy Wilken facial workout program! Facelift Without Surgery is
the one true
non-invasive facelift program
that solves the quest of how to look younger, permanently!
Learn ancient Chinese secrets on how to look younger virtually overnight with just a few facial toning exercises.
Performing these face yoga workouts with your fingertips, on just a few occasions, will drastically reduce and
even eliminate
wrinkles and creases on the face
and neck, as well as ugly eye bags. Sagging skin will lift, reduce, and look young again.

With the use of face exercises, you will be able to perform your own DIY natural facelift that will take only
a few minutes a
for the first 30 days. Then you can maintain your non-surgical facelift 2 to 3 times a week thereafter, using facial yoga.

You will see the difference in a few days.
Amaze your friends as you start to look younger, radically!

Women and men shed as much as 10 to 15 years off their looks in 30 days. And this form of non-invasive facelift will last as
long as one wishes with regular face gymnastics workouts!

Regain your looks once again!
Everybody will be astonished at your new youthful radiance, whether you’re male or female.
Try the only true facial toning system uncovered in Facelift Without Surgery…without the need for cosmetic surgery.
Botox and facial exercises…

After Botox injections, the muscles in the respective area relax are filled, leaving you with a
localized paralyzed effect that prevents what caused the wrinkles in the first place. The muscle
is totally relaxed. After facial toning exercises, the muscle is expanded, and left in a relaxed
state as well. When the muscle is exercises regularly, furrows and wrinkles in the skin will
become shallow, or disappear.

This is where the similarity ends, because Botox causes you to lose character in your face.
Facelift exercises enhance your face character without any numbing or paralyzing. Botox cannot
be injected in certain parts of the face and neck, can be harmful if done continuously, and needs
to be repeated every 6 months.

Yoga facial exercises give you a natural facelift that permanently benefits the whole face and
neck, leaving you looking young again, without toxins being injected into your face!

Facelift Without Surgery regains your looks permanently without you losing expression!
"Great work, Wendy! I was giving up hope and losing confidence watching my neck and face skin go south. - until I stumbled on
your yoga facial exercise program. I apply the simple techniques a few times a week, and just love seeing the restored firmness of
my face and neck. Each time I look in the mirror, I'm looking at an ever younger version of me. I walk tall and feel good about
myself, and I've even found a wonderful new man in my life. Your amazing program has not only given me a non-surgical facelift
EXTERNALLY, but it's given my WHOLE LIFE a total "facelift". This face yoga program works like magic!"...
Susan Maltez(Canada)
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